Together with directors Rogier Jaarsma, Jurian Schipper and Justin Nan, Deep Thought Productions is proud to represent the following talented directors:


TED ALKEMADE - Ted directs documentaries and commercials. He started out as a freelance editor during his study. From there he jumped into several interactive film projects as a creative producer. He tried to bend the boundaries of film by combining it with games and apps. But his love for linear storytelling remained. He made an award winning short documentary, followed by more mid-length docs and commercials for online and TV. Ted is most comfortable working with real people. His work has strong cinematic aesthetics and his storytelling motivates. He worked for clients such as: McDonald’s, ING, Heineken, NRC, Het AD, HEMA, Tempo team, Danerolles, and more.


JUDITH KNUBBEN - Judith is a film director, who visualizes universal themes in her poetic storytelling. She lays a bridge between a realistic present and a dynamic new world, by using strong choreographic elements and motion as metaphors for growth and change in life.Her photography focuses on little gestures, so the viewer will slowly untangle characters scene by scene. The gestures presented are so pure the viewer will identify with even the most complex characters and emotions, based on the connection to these small and simple elements. Judith finished her Masters degree in Film at the University of Amsterdam. She worked for various film agencies like The Birds Management Agency, Sigfriet Roi Film Production Locations and as an in-house director for Deep Thought Productions.